December 13, 2017

Top Rated Dog Treats

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Betty asks…

How do you deal with your mother in-law?

I feel as though my MIL doesn’t like me, she’s nice to me but it feels so fake a lot of the time. She has made it clear to me on several occasions that her daughter is top dog in the house, she makes sure I know that her daughter gets everything passed down to her and I get nothing, not that I want any of her old stuff anyway. When I go there the first thing she say’s to me is ‘so and so are grandparents now’ and then she’ll go off and have a sniffle or a cry about it because she wants to be a grandma but isn’t yet. I recently found out that she told my hubby that her youngest son tried to kill himself twice because of me!! Apparently it happened a few years ago before I was married. I don’t know if it is true or what I did so bad that he would do this but either way she brings it up now! Then the other day it was my bday and she came over to give me a card and gave me $250 for my bday, I told her I didn’t expect to get anything and said thanks and asked if they would like to stay for a cuppa she said they were too busy, its a half hour drive to my house so they made that much effort but not enough to sit and have a drink.
She has already been accousing me of treating her like a second rate grandmother (not to may face she tells my hubby) and we dont even have kids yet, it hasnt even happened, im not even pregnant or anything. But she recons that when I do have kids I wont let her see the baby or visit or help out or anything! When we have had conversations about baby names and stuff she always say gross you can’t name your children that when I say a name (even if its a really pretty name) but she’ll say thats nice if my hubby says a name even if its a rediculus name and my hubby is just making it up to get a reaction.
I feel so upset about it all at the moment.
Does anyone else have to deal with stuff like this from their in-laws?
How do you deal with it or what would you do in my situation?

admin answers:

She is jealous of the relationship you have with her son. She may feel that he chooses you over her. Just grin and bear it because if you start saying anything in your defense it may look like you are attacking her. Good luck.

Mandy asks…

What do you think of this trainer?

What do you think of this trainer? I e-mailed her and said:
Hi there. I’m Adri, I was at the dog park and picked up your flyer with my mom.
I have a Border Collie named Nelly, and she has a habit of nipping at children. We don’t know if it’s herding instincts or not
Could you tell me a bit about your training methods? Like, do you use physical punishment? How long have you been training dogs?
Thank you!

Hi Adri,
I’m the lady you saw at the park. All our training is done with voice control and body language… the same way the mama dog trains the puppies at birth! She is a herding dog and some of that nipping is instinct, but that all can be controlled. She is trying to take control of whom she sees as weaker puppies, ie… kids! She is not really biting, but it can be seen that way to someone that doesn’t know or like dogs.
My hubby and I have been training since 1992, first as horse whisperers and than over to dogs out of circumstances. We are behavioral Therapists.. a little different than regular trainers because we base all our training on the dogs DNA… I am the one that trains the most, my hubby is part time, now. I train between 20 to 26 dogs per week. I do one n one and first start at your home. This is a great way to train and we have a 97% success rate for all behavioral issues.
We are In home Behavioral Therapists( dog whisperers). All dogs have the pack mentality and we need to establish you as the top dog or “Alfa”. You must be seen by your dog as the leader. This is most successfully done in the home first and than outside. Our goal is to have a good companion dog for you that can work at liberty .Our methods are holistic…no prong collars, shock collars and no treat training. It is all based on how all dogs set their hierarchy…voice tone and body language. It is a very interesting method and very successful.

The best loved training plan goes for a year. The first less is about 2.5 hours. We train you how to think more like a dog and we set the dog in a sit/stay program that you follow so you will start to take over hierarchy..It shows the dog how to have boundaries, no mouthing and waiting at each doorway and to come and if we have enough time, how to walk beside you. We also address barking and front door frenzy if needed. Then you have three weeks of homework. (If you do the work they see you as alfa! If we do the work… they are well behaved only when we show up). The 2nd apt is three weeks from the 1st apt,,,about 2 hours- now we see a real difference in the dog‘s attitude and they are now relaxing and beginning to see you in charge..and three weeks more of homework. By the third apt. the dogs should be doing the sit/stay program beautifully, walking and focusing on you, understanding boundaries, staying under pressure, no jumping or barking. The third apt is usually outside and around you neighborhood, and possibly out in a park. From this point we start meeting at different places until dog is being a good companion and you are able to take them out in public with control and manners. We meet about every 6 weeks for the rest of the year. This type of training is fun, kind and unique. I would to talk with you more.I’m looking forward to discussing this further with you and hopefully training you and your dog.
Call me if you have any more questions at *** – *** – ****,

Behavioral Therapists
Certified Trainer


I took out her name and number, just because of some of the trolls on here.
What do you think?
She’s from:
Natalie – Why do you say that?
Natalie – Have you tried them before?
Okay, thanks guys. I’ll keep looking and asking for your guys’ opinions

admin answers:

Not some one i would use personally its a company bark busters rather than an individual i had an Animal behaviourist trainer work with me and my dog for 6 months and she would use shock collars and prong collars where as they don’t and she was Absolutely brilliant with my dog based on what i have read and dealing with the lady i did it just seems there are to many things wrong with that email she sent you based on my experience with the lady i had

Helen asks…

Let’s Take You Back? 4?

Well here it is 1953, and this is the top ten of that year. Rate these songs as you see fit, or just sit back and take a trip down memory lane, or if your younger sit back and take a lesson from history. I hope you all enjoy.


1.The Drifters “Money Honey”

2.Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Sr.)

3.Sonny Till and the Orioles – Crying in the Chapel

4.Gee – The Crows

5.Faye Adams Shake A Hand

6.Honey Hush–Big Joe Turner

7.RUTH BROWN – Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean

8.Big Mama Thornton – Hound Dog

9.Kaw-Liga – Hank Williams

10.The Things That I Used To Do – Guitar Slim Guitar Slim

For those who have followed these questions in the last few days will notice some artist appear more than once, and that is only because their song was in the top ten for that year. Remember for awhile the hit parade had all styles of music on it.

well I hope you all enjoy and learn.

take care
yes they did a lot of crying Mick thank you
Sphinxy New Waver thanks for your answer.
Thank you Kelly

good I need one more answer to continue this tomorrow,
thank you beatle fanatic, good shooting
thank you Wire and String
thank you Stella Blue, I love Jim Reeves

and thank you Brian, we can’t feel them all
thanks Naz glad it brought back a good memory

admin answers:

Hey Dave!

“Cryin In The Chapel” is blocked in my country so I’ll just rate the rest of them.

1) The Things That I Used To Do
2) Your Cheatin’ Heart
3) Honey Hush
4) Hound Dog
5) Gee
6) Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean
7) Kaw-Liga

That only leaves a couple for skeet practice today!

I can’t wait til you hit the 60′s!

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