December 13, 2017

Top Rated Dogs

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Joseph asks…

What do you think are the top ten dogs rated highest in intelligence? 1 being the smartest.?

To answer and get points you must list the breeds, no cheating and no links to websites. I know the answer…but do you?

admin answers:

10)Australian Cattle dog
7)Labrador Retriever
6)Shetland Sheepdog
5)Doberman Pinscher
4)Golden retriever
3)German Shepherd
1)Border Collie

Sorry I cheated! O_O

Paul asks…

What are some top rated multivitamin for small breed dogs?

For some odd reason, my dog likes to eat every other day so I want to give him a top rated multivitamin to make up for those days he doesn’t care to eat.
Alesi’s Chi’s she’s eating taste of the wild but she doesn’t like to eat every day. That’s why I want to give her a vitamin.

admin answers:

I’d be less concerned about vitamins and more concerned about hypoglycemia. If your dog is eating a top quality diet, there shouldn’t be a need for any vitamins

Sandra asks…

what is the top ten akc rated dogs?

admin answers:

Rank Breed Number*
1. Labrador Retriever 146,692
2. Golden Retriever 52,550
3. German Shepherd 46,046
4. Beagle 44,555
5. Yorkshire Terrier 43,522
6. Dachshund 40,770
7. Boxer 37,741
8. Poodle 32,671
9. Shih Tzu 28,958
10. Chihuahua 24,850

This only covers the ones that are AKC, but there are many purebred dogs that are not registered and so are not counted.

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