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Training Your Dog

Dogs are sociable creatures. In fact, at times they can be too sociable and and may exhibit aggressive behavior. This is one of the most important reasons that you must train your dog - so you can control his behavior.

Dog training will keep everyone happier and can help you avoid dog biting incidents. According to statistics 77% of dog biting cases are from within the dogs own family.

Dog training will help to rid your dog of bad habits and to be able to know how to act in society - both with humans and other dogs. Plus it will give you the means to control your dog and call him back should he be headed toward danger. Training is a bonding experience between dog and owner.

But, I must warn you, dog training is not an easy task. You must go about it a certain way in order to et good results. The most important tool in training your dog is using “positive reinforcement”. This means rewarding your dog for good behavior . Rewards can be treat, praise or a combination of both.

When you use positive reinforcement to train your pet, it lets him realize that the attention he craves as well as treats will be his if he exhibits good behavior. It’s very simple to the dog, he associates obeying your command with the treats and therefore wants to obey so he can get more treats!

The other part of positive reinforcement is to not use punishment when the dog does not obey. Punishing your dog will only confuse him. The best way to deal with your dog when he does not obey your command is to just ignore him.

One thing to avoid when training your dog is to not train him into bad habits. Sometimes you may not even be aware of what you are doing but you must be careful that your reaction to your dogs behavior is not inadvertently training him to repeat bad behavior.

For example, if your dog jumps up on you when you come home from work you might lavish attention on him, after all you missed him and he is showing you how much you love him. But by doing this you will be rewarding the jumping up behavior. Now when friends come over to visit your dog will think it is OK to jump up on them!

Now if you yell at him to get down, he will only become confused. The best bet is to push him down and not allow him to jump up on you when you come home, then when he remains with all 4 paws on the floor, reward him. This will teach him that jumping up is not desirable behavior.

So, to successfully train your dog you must use positive reinforcements. And, as you will see, positive reinforcements will yield positive results.

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