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The Weimaraner breed is several centuries old and there are several theories that are around as to where it originates from. The Weimaraner is a pointer and all round hunting dog. But not only being well known as a hunting dog they Weimaraner has also been used as a rescue dog as well as a service dog for the disabled and as police dogs in both German and England. The Weimaraner breed was first imported in to the USA in 1929 by Howard Knight who was also the founder of the US Breed Club.

Breed Specifics
The Weimaraner is part of the AKC Sporting group and was admitted to the American Kennel Club in 1943.
Height: 22-27 inches
Weight: 50-70 pounds
Longevity: 10-12 years

The Weimaraner is a sleek not overly large but athletic dog with both beautiful lines and a short fine smooth grey coat. Often the head and ears will be lighter in colour than the rest of the body and the head is both long and aristocratic looking with a strong muzzle. The eyes have an intelligent expression to them and are usually amber, blue-grey or grey in colour and the nose is usually grey as well. The ears on the Weimaraner are moderately long and have a pendant shape to them. Whilst the dogs topline should slope gently downward from the withers. The limbs on a Weimaraner and long and muscular and the tail is docked to a length of 1 ½ inches when the dog is 2 days old also the dewclaws should be removed.
Color: Grey

The temperament of a Weimaraner is happy, loving, cheerful and affectionate as well as being very energetic. Because it is intelligent it can sometimes be highly opinionated and willful and it is a breed which needs firm experienced training from the start. They are also very protective of the territory where they live. A Weimaraner needs to live indoors as it likes to consider itself a member of the family and needs attention and companionship at all times. If left alone or placed in a kennel the Weimaraner can become very destructive and restless.

Health Issues
As the Weimaraner is prone to bloat it is best that they are fed 2 or 3 small meals each day rather than one large one. They can be prone to Hip Displaysia but this has been reduced through conscientious breeding techniques and also prone to Hypertropic Osteodystropy (grow rapidly) as well as tumors.

Weimaraner’s can live happily in an apartment but they do need sufficient exercise and it is preferable to have a home with a large yard. The Weimaraner because it is a powerful working dog and has lots of stamina needs plenty of exercise and they should not be exercised after they have eaten.


Because the Weimaraner has a short haired coat is it easy to keep it in top condition and it should be brushed with a firm bristle brush and they should only be bathed occasionally using dry shampoo. Using a chamois rubbed over the coat will make it gleam. After any work or exercise sessions the Weimaraner’s feet and mouth should be checked for damage and the nails kept trimmed. This breed is an average shedder where its coat is concerned.

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