December 13, 2017

What Are Some Good Topics On Dog/dog Care?

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I am helping put together a show on doggie care/issues. What are some good ones to do shows on? I.e. holistic petcare, senoir dogs, etc.

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  1. rocksnob says:

    problems that could arise, what to do, what not to do, how to train, how to pottytrain, how to properly crate a puppy or dog, how to feed, how to know how much to feed, how much exerrcise does the dog need?, or you can get a book from the library and say how to watch out for common diseases or how to prevent them, how to know an alergic reaaction is on its way, ..hope i helpeD!

  2. I ? Ravi. says:

    you could do a session on overweight pets, picky eaters, muzzles, grooming, toxic plants or chemicals…. maybe a section on how important excercise is for your dog.

  3. LivingLo says:

    You could focus on vaccines – which are reccomended and why – proper exercise for different breeds, caring for sick dogs/elderly dogs/puppies, puppy proofing your home, pet safety, basic first aid, safe dog toys, traveling with a dog, moving with a dog, developmental and aging stages of dogs, socializing dogs, dealing with different problems dog owner’s may face, home cooking/baking for dogs, foods and substances your dog should NOT have, dog nutrition, dog vitamins & suppliments — that’s all I can think of right now – hope it helps. Good luck with this!!

  4. Michele says:

    proper grooming habits…like its NOT normal to have your dogs fur so matted you can’t get a brush through it. - Dogs