December 14, 2017

What Can I Do To Make Dry Dog Food More Enjoyable For My Dog?

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The only dog food i have for my dog right now is the dry food. He doesn’t seem to interested in it. Like most dogs, i think he like more of the soft foods. What are some tips to make the dry food bearable for now for my dog?

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  1. Tennesse says:

    Being in animal rescue, many dogs come in and aren’t interested in their food. They may be depressed and scared. Though I highly doubt your dog is like this, its important that they eat their food.
    Try these.
    1. Moisten the food by adding Lukewarm water. Add enough so his kibble is barely floating. Let it sit for a minute until the dry food gets a little softer and starts to expand and then give this to your dog.
    2. Add a tablespoon of plain, low-fat yogurt. The probiotics and live cultures are great for the intestines and stomach! This will not upset their stomach and its a great treat!
    3. Try moistening the food with low sodium chicken-broth (diluted with some water) in the kibble. Or, you can try low sodium beef-stock. Do what you would do with step 1 by letting it sit for a minute so it gets the dry kibble soft.
    Give any of these 3 options to your dog. Put the food bowl down and walk off. If after 15 minutes he still isn’t interested, pick it up. Sometimes dogs go through spells where they just aren’t hungry. Eventually he will get hungry enough and gobble it down.
    If after 3-4 days your dog is not eating any of the above tips, see your vet.

  2. tfhchubs says:

    I add a little of the water from a can of tuna and my dogs love it!

  3. DixieDog says:

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  4. Austin C says:

    Same with my dogs. they arent wanting the dry food. they have wet food but that gives them diarhea. and we have tryed over 40 different brands of dog food. but i would guess that not feeding them during the day would help. like if you feed them in the morning at like 7-12 any time between that. then at like 5-8. then they will want to eat and they will maybe eat it. That is what my vet told me and they are only supposed to have 20 minutes to eat. My dogs dont really care about haveing to eat at 7 then at 6 because my brother feeds them table scraps and everything between the times.

  5. Alexandra O says:

    I’ve just had the exact same problem! The trick is to experiment. Try adding a little water and microwaving it as this makes it more aromatic and dogs are mainly attracted to things by scent. I ended up mixing in wet food, grated cheese, gravy, dairy free spread and leftover black pudding with the dry food before my dog would eat it.

  6. SBT lover - BSL hater says:

    try a different food. what are you feeding now? try a brand without any corn, wheat, soy, by products, or digest in it.
    example: when we adopted our big dog she was eating nutro lamb and rice. she would eat it, but it would take her awhile. she would pick at it and walk away from it several times before eating all of it. we changed her to california natural and she actually gets excited about meal times and eats it all in one sitting.
    also, make sure it is an appropriate sized kibble for your dog. this more applies to small dogs.
    feeding your dog in meals will help also (as opposed to free feeding). and make sure you are not over feeding.

  7. bob © says:

    We had 2 labs that were best buddies. When one died the other completely stopped eating and started to lose weight rapidly. Concered, we consulted the vet. He recommended we cook him up a stew that would be tasty and provide the ncessary nutrition he needed. The stew consiseted of chicken and assorted veggies. Consult your vet to get the proper mix for your breed.

  8. Frank E says:

    add warm chicken or beef broth to you dogs food. it gives them more protein and makes it more yummy!!!!
    i always add warm broth to my dogs food, she LOVES it!! even my vet recommended it!!

  9. reza g says:

    Add water or I heard adding a little bit of garlic works and then warming the food. So it will have a smell. Dogs like smelly foods.

  10. Carol says:

    add warm water to the food.

  11. sabrina_ says:

    add warm water or ceaser mushy dog food - Dogs