December 14, 2017

What Can Put On A Yard To Prevent A Dog From Taking Care Of His Business On It?

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As long as it doesn’t kill the grass, I don’t care if it hurts the dog.

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  1. dallasgu says:

    there is a product called ‘critter ridder’ that smells like black pepper. You sprinkle it on the perimeter if the yard and when the animal tries to gets the gravelly bits off there feet it irritates them (but does not cause damage) and will deter the animal from returning

  2. treehugg says:

    a fence!
    you don’t care if it hurts the dog?????
    if you hurt the dog i hope you get caught!!!
    tell the dogs owner about it
    call animal control

  3. swddrb says:

    call the pound

  4. lovin'30 says:

    They claim orange pelling for cats.. and cinnamon around a water container or jug will keep them away..Also when they ate put the fedus in the dish they know where it came from..

  5. Brother Enrique says:

    fill up several clear gallon containers with water and place them around the yard…for some reason they will avoid the area..something about contanimating a water supply…
    or take a pile of the do do and put it out of the yard somewhere so the dog will smell it and he will go in that area…like the owners yard.

  6. sissy says:

    You can buy a motion detector that will turn on
    your hose and squirt the dog with water. Dogs
    learn really fast. Of course, don’t forget to turn it
    off when you are around! - Dogs