December 14, 2017

What Is A Good Dog Food For A Dog W/ A Sensitive Stomach?

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I have a 7 month old rottweiler puppy who has a very sensitive stomach. She gets diarrhea from any new food, or any kind of treat./ This has been confirmed by the Vet. She isn’t sick w/ anything like parvo. SHe is currently on California Naturals. Is that a good dog food for a sensitive stomach? Or should I gradually switch her to a better dog food, and if so what is better thatn that?

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  1. jacqueli says:

    “Purina ONE Sensitive Systems” is what I use for my Old English Sheepdog (they have puppy and adult versions of this product). It cost more that the regular dog food but is much much better for the dog. The main ingredient in it is salmon. I’ve also been told by my vet that any oatmeal based dog food is the best. But the problem is that I can’t find one anywhere.
    Don’t use any of the regular type dog food. If you look on the nutrition label, the main ingredient is corn and that’s bad for the dog.
    Good luck!

  2. Do You See What Happens Larry? says:

    Our vet recommended Pepcid (for humans) for our Yellow Lab,Maxine who also has a sensitive tummy.Also told us to give her a fiber supplement to regulate her stools.Neosorb (stops the runs)and Flagyl (cures the bug she ‘s gotten)is what the vet prescribes for her when she does get the squirts ! Ask your vet what food he/she recommends and also ask him about what I suggested to be on the safe side.I wouldn’t want to harm your baby !! What works for Maxine may NOT work for your pup ! He may have you get a food with more fiber in it ! Hope this helps

  3. Maxine21 says:

    Your vet SHOULD give you recommendations!! I have had my 10 year old dachsie on nothing but Science Diet. Ask your vet!!

  4. carolsan says:

    I like Iams. You need to quit switching foods though. Anytime you switch a dog’s food, it messes up their stomachs. My dogs got sick in the past from switching foods. Also, wet/canned dog foods will upset their stomachs.

  5. Lou-Lou says:

    i had to get mine off all chicken based food. we found NUTRO’S lamb and rice is the best ever. for tummys, shiny hair, and no off seadon shedding and no itching!!… great stuff.. all4 of my great danes are doing great on it and putting on good weight too!. good luck

  6. sillygoo says:

    Ive always perfer, Kibbles N bitts, It seems to be a great taste for dogs.

  7. -------- says:

    my pom is the same way…plus he has allergies…he has been put on Science diet…duck formula…works very well..even helped with some shedding

  8. Chocolat says:

    Sounds like your puppy might be allergic to something in the food you are feeding. Read labels and see if you can find something in common in all the foods and treats you have given (corn, wheat etc).
    Try feeding her a kibble that has ingredients she has never had before (fish and potato maybe). You might also want to look into a raw diet or even home cooked.
    This could take awhile to figure out but keep track of what she is eating and a list of ingredients.
    Good luck!

  9. OU812 says:

    For dogs with a sensitive stomach, I like Hills Prescription Diet I/D. I don’t know if that would have everything in it that a puppy would need though. If not, you could try the Science Diet Puppy. That is a really good dog food. Also, you maybe ableto talk with your vet about food choses. Good luck in your food search. - Dogs