December 14, 2017

What Is A Good Dog Food That Dont Cost A Fortune Like Eukanuba?

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I would like to feed my dogs a good quality dog food with good ingredients but dont have the money to spend on a really expensive brand. I have been with Purina but from what Im hearing that is not a very good brand of food. I dont really have the time to compare every label for the ingredients. Any suggestions and why its a good food would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. BJ'sBaby says:

    CANIDAE is a great food. i spend 38.00 for a 40 lb bag of dry. i feed less because its a better quality than store or grocery brands. and i spend ALOT less at the vets because my dogs are healthier. i have 5 dogs. three are 100 lbs +/- and 40 lbs lasts almost 3 weeks.

  2. noone2da says:

    I used Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice for my adult dog and Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy for my Rottweiler puppy. The 20lb (or is it 25lb) bags are about $18.00 and the 45lb (or it might be 50lb) bags run around $24.00. When the puppy is going through 45lbs a month the price is very reasonable compared to other quality foods (and even the crappy ones). I have noticed an improvement in their coats since we switched. We get it at Pet Supplies Plus.
    Good luck!!!
    *EDIT* Why do some of you have to be so rude in your answers. Call me crazy, but there comes a point when a dog is a dog. I refuse to spend $40 for 15lbs of food for my dog. My dog will not eat better than I do. The poster is trying to switch to a better food, but doesn’t want to break the bank doing so. Get off your high horses and try to help! I really don’t understand where some of you get off thinking that you are the GOD of dogs. Have you ever lived on a budget? Unfortuantly with todays economy not everyone has to luxary of giving their dog 5 star meals. Would you prefer they spend more money on food and not take their dog to the vet?

  3. molejao says:

    None of the foods listed above are good. Let’s do some research here and you would all see that. Lots of fillers, by products etc in all of those. Foods like Natural Balance, Wellness, Merrick, Solids Gold, Evo and Innova are all good. Iams, Euekanueba, Pro Plan are ALL JUNK. Also remember, the high quiality foods may cost a touch more but you feed less because they are not full of non nutritious fillers.Check out for a great explanation of all this, and dogfoodanalysis do give you a quick star rating of foods.


    first of all the food mentioned so far are all garbage! any food that has corn,wheat and even rice are not good for your dog. A more natural diet is best for your dog, you want a high protien low carb diet, no grains. You say you can’t afford exspensive food? then why have a dog you must take propper care of him/her would you feed you child Fast Food every day? becasue that is exactly what you are doing when you feed you dog those types of food!
    Facts are that the better quality the food the less they have to eat to get the require nutrients! so when you think about it it may be more exspensive to buy the better food but they eat less so you are paying pretty much the same only for better food!! Not to mention the better the food the less they poop too!!

  5. sw103178 says:

    Do you have a Wal-Mart near you? They have a food called Maximum Nutrition that is meat based and is even better than many of those big name foods.

  6. IsisDane says:

    I feed my pug Eukanauba as a puppy….and our vet gave us a promotional bag of Purina…my pug liked that better than his Eukanuba…so I don’t know…if your dog likes it…I mean he’s the one who’s eating it… :-) Also it’s good when you add a little wet food to moisten it….

  7. James B says:

    Purina One (Lamb and Rice) and similar grades of food are good and fairly cheap.
    Actually, most dog foods are perfectly fine for your dog; it is good to want a high quality food for your dog, but the perception of “high quality” doesn’t always sync up. Corn, for example, is often portrayed as an inferior ingredient. The reason for this is primarily allergies; dogs are more likely to be allergic to corn than other sources of nutrition. If your dog isn’t allergic to corn, however, it is a fine ingredient (when used in moderation).
    Consider some of the links people have provided. The Dog Food Project has a lot of information and a LOT of faulty conclusions. Under their list of ingredients to avoid you’ll find Wheat Glutton. Why is it to be avoided? Little nutritional value. But if you look at the purpose it serves in food, one shouldn’t expect nutritional value; it is a binder, it helps keep the food together. Avoiding Wheat Glutton, then, makes about as much sense as avoiding Baking Soda (it serves its purpose well, but the purpose isn’t nutrition). Then there is Feeding Oat Meal. Its crime? Not as nutritious as whole oats. An amazing observation, really. To offer a comparison to this logic, filet mignon is also not as nutritious as a whole cow. Take a look under fiber and the crime of those ingredients is that they are filler. Fiber being specifically non-digestible, all fiber is technically filler. Fiber is also necessary for colon health. Under supplements you’ll find Bone Phosphate. It’s crime? It is used to balance the calcium and phosphate content of the food. As dogs need such minerals, I am not sure what is so bad about it.
    It is good to be informed of what ingredients do in a dog food, but it is better to be informed and analytical. Know what the ingredients are and determine for yourself if the role each plays in nutrition is acceptable. Use that, not some over-zealous conclusions found on the web, to base your decisions on.
    If you just join in the mindless pursuit of “quality” dog food (without ever determining what is quality and what is excessive), then you’ll just be wasting your money and doing your pet little to no good.

  8. Royal Majesty says:

    I agree with isis completely. I was spending way more per pound on food before I switched to canidae…they utilize more of their intake rather than it all becoming waste so they don’t eat as much…….and honestly per pound it isn’t really more expensive……..
    I had trouble finding it where I live until I went online to their site and used their supplier locator and found one right up the street from the dog park we frequent…. Oh happy day!!! Healthier dog, and more money in my pocket!

  9. Thought says:

    Eukanuba is crap food. You might as well feed Purina.
    Canadae, Chicken Soup for the Dogs Soul, Wellness, Innova, any of these. You won’t find them in most supermarkets or chains. When you have some free time, go to and you will learn tons about how to choose a good food, and what to avoid, before you go to the store and get confused.
    Chicken Soup isn’t that much, nor is Innova. Nutro isn’t that expensive but it’s still a step down from the others I listed.

  10. misstic_ says:

    Blue Buffalo dog/puppy food. It cost about 22 for 15lb bag. It is more healthier than the cheaper priced dog foods but it will last longer now and in the long run. They get less hungrier meaning you will feed them less. It is all organic which means healthier for them meaning less visits to the vet when they get older. You can check out the site for a free sample.

  11. Stacy says:

    I feed my dogs Bakers dog food and pedigree chum dog food. They always eat it and i also put breast of cooked chicken in it as well and mix it up. I dont feed them chicken everyday. There coats are really soft and i think this food is just as good as Purina.

  12. nighthaw says:

    I feed my dogs Purina and they are doing great. If that is what you have always feed them and they are not having any problems, just stick to it. Good luck

  13. highbury says:

    i would recomend purina or pedigree

  14. Ally says:

    I feed my dogs California Naturals ( It costs me about $1/pound, and it is cheaper to feed than Purina. My 4 dogs (the four of them added together total 275 pounds) only eat about 45-50 pounds of food a month. I was feeding that much Purina every 2 weeks several years ago. It may cost more at the checkout counter, but you’ll probably also feed half as much (that means half as much poop to clean up out of the yard, as well). I swear, my dogs look and feel healthier, too…no more ear infections (one required surgery for this), no more urinary problems, no more allergy problems…this food is the very best for my dogs…I wouldn’t care if the price doubled…I save that much and more on vet bills!

  15. ?HCO ?1922? Twin Chinchillas says:

    Pro Plan

  16. Leigh says:

    Royal C…, with my dog it works, from puppy to elderly , my dog, she’s name is Diana, is 16 and she is OK, but I give her fruits, rice, and chicken too. good luck!

  17. hoehi says:

    We feed Natural Balance, Duck and Potatoe grain free allergy formula. It is about $45 for the largest bag.
    Go here:…
    You can find any food you want to research ingredients and go from there… unfortunately the better foods do cost more but it is worth it. See if there isn’t any way you can save money in another area so you can get what you want. Cost wise, it is about $15-$20 (apx) for the better foods… so maybe (if you do) don’t go to starbucks and set aside the money you would spend there…. or other places. $15-$20 adds up really quickly. :)
    Hope this helps.
    I appreciate and actually do understand ascribing to people believing “high quality” food advocates are “zealouts” however, bear in mind we just want to provide what we’re willing to pay extra for-higher quality.
    I do not necessarily agree with everything listed here, but this will explain better than I can why I feel it is important, if you can afford to, to feed a higher quality and subsequently more expensive food:…
    This is just based on one review of a particular, popular “cheap” food… it explains what some of these “meat byproducts” consist of… this is why I feel feeding a better food is important.

  18. Gingeréi says:

    iams. - Dogs