December 13, 2017

What Is A Good Homemade Dog Food Recipe For Dogs With Allergies?

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My dog has allergies. Tried other vet recommended things with no success. Now I want to make my dog’s food myself to see if that can help. I need a healthy recipe for dogs that is gluten and grain free. One that is good for dogs with allergies, and well balanced.

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  1. SueZQ says:

    You could try feeding raw if the thought of raw animal carcasses don’t put you off. It is much cheaper than feeding commerical dog food and you know exactly what the dog is getting. Hopefully somebody will provide some links.

  2. BSL = Bullsh*t Legislation says:

    To find out what your dog’s allergic to, work with your vet to try an allergy elimination diet. This diet involves giving your dog a special food (which you’ll get from the vet), and over three or four months, gradually adding other foods back to your dog’s diet. When he starts itching again, you’ve found your culprit and can keep it out of your dog’s food bowl for good.

  3. antoinet says:

    There is food that gluten and grain free… look at food rated 5-6 - Dogs