December 14, 2017

What Is The Best Dog Food For Puppies And Then Adults?

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I will be getting a puppy soon and I want to make sure I get the best dog food for the best price. Or if anyone knows the healthiest dog food for dogs ( the most vitamin’s and minerals, the perfect percentage of nutritional facts, etc.) it would be a great help to my new little puppy! Thanks so much for your time!

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  1. Chetco says:

    I have tried Iams, Eukanuba, etc., but I swear by Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul food. I breed an occasional litter of toy dogs and raise from the time their weaned on the puppy food, then the adult, light and senior foods.
    I like what one writer said about talking to the breeder. I’ts always best, if you have found a wonderful breeder, to stick with their advice.
    Signs that it might be time to try a different food, you notice your puppy eating its own stool or pooping a lot, their coat is not looking good or shedding more than usual. Also, I am wary of foods with beet pulp in them. If your dog is doing fine, don’t worry, but if you see them having problems, especially excessive shedding, and their is beet pulp in the food, trying a food without it is a pretty good thought.
    If you decide to change foods, always do so gradually, mixing in a little more each day with their regular food until you get them changed over.
    Best of luck with your new puppy!

  2. BaBiiGir says:

    I feed Canidae. It is made from all human grade ingredients, so there is less chance of it being contaminated. All ingredients are produced in USA.
    Canidae is for all life stages, so you don’t need to change when they are adults.
    All of my dogs thrive on Canidae.
    there are several other good ones.
    I certainly wouldn’t recommend Iams or Science Diet. Both have fillers that dogs don’t digest, so you are wasting money that should be spent on nutrition, not extra poop and advertising

  3. Chris S says:

    I firmly believe in Science Diet dog food. It is available for puppies and even has a formula for large breed puppies.
    When your dog is old enough, you can switch to the adult food. If your dog is too heavy, there’s a light brand.
    Whey your dog gets older, there’s a mature brand.
    There is also a prescription brand that your vet can give you if your dog develops kidney or other diseases.
    AND they often come in small bites for the smaller breed dogs.
    Science Diet, in my opinion, is the best dog food.

  4. KellyO says:

    Everyone is going to have their opinion as to what’s best. I would ask the breeder what they’ve been feeding their puppies. If they are a good breeder they wouldn’t be feeding store bought formulas such as Beneful or Kibbles ‘N Bits. The best dog or puppy food can be quite expensive so consider a brand you can afford all the time. PetCo or PetSmart carry the higher end quality dog food. Blue Buffalo is good, Canidae is excellent, and Eukanuba is another one. These foods can rang from $19 on up depending on the bag size. I have 2 French Bulldogs and one bag of food from Canidae (30 lbs) costs me around $50 bucks! So if you want the best, be prepared to spend lots. Or go to PetCo or PetSmart and have them recommend a brand that’s good but not so hard on the pocket book.

  5. somerset says:

    Purina Pro Life is a good food and the dogs seem to love it.
    Study these websites below and decide for yourself.
    IAMS….horrible…don’t support this company

  6. designer says:

    dont go cheap you get what you pay for generally..purina is crap to be very honest and blunt. they use all sorts of fillers. try wellness, canidae, solid gold, innova, etc.

  7. ct says:

    Don’t get Iams. They don’t treat their sample animals well.
    Try another brand or fresh cooked mean and vegetables.

  8. Peter says:

    the good life recipe or beniful they are pack full on neutriance and viatamins no iams thats doggy macdonalds

  9. Kai says:

    Acana Sport & Agility
    Alpo Diced Cuts Simmered in Sauce with Chicken
    Beta Adult Pet Maintenance

  10. Elena says:

    we always feed our dog Iams. its so healthy. and if you have a sams card its much cheaper there. - Dogs