December 13, 2017

What Is The Best Dog Food That Is Easily Found In Stores?

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We are having a hard time finding a top-quality dog food in the stores. I’d hate to have to mail-order our dog food with such high prices on fuel right now. Does anyone have any recommendations on a pet store chain that actually carries good quality dog food? Petco just doesn’t have anything good. Iams, Purina, Science Diet, all of those are full of grains, which are bad for the dogs. Help!

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  1. Rene C says:

    I have seen innova in common places like petland. I dont typically shop at pet stores that are apart of big chains, I prefer to support localized places, such as a feed store. If you live near a feed store, they may have a high quality kibble.
    I know many places are willing to sell the stuff if you ask, but your best bet for high quality nutrition, if you feed kibble, is to find a better store.
    My top three dog foods are orijen, evo, and innova, but I consider the ultimate diet to be raw.
    If you are looking for the best diet to feed your dog, I would definitely look into it, it not only allows you to know exactly what your dog is eating, but you can save money, if you spend wisely.
    I chose to feed raw after researching for a good month, I know that doesnt seem long, but it was everyday, and for hours at a time, I found a forum,, and thats when I first got introduced to the idea. It seemed a far stretch from what my family was feeding at the time, but I knew, as with my own diet, I had to give my dog the best, and so I researched it.
    I found many sites on the forum, and a vets site, tom lonsdale’s
    The most helpful site was probably and the comparative anatomy of eating, cant remember who it is by, but you can search for it on google. I read that article because I am vegan, but the facts stated in the article showed me my dogs needed meat, bones, and organs to thrive.
    the most shocking thing I found out on the raw fed site was that a dogs mitochondrial DNA is 99.8 percent similar to a wolfs, I always knew they were related but that closely.
    You know purina is bad, so I wont go into to much detail about how they teach our vets about nutrition, but here is the link if you want them stating it:…
    I prefer petco over any other petstore I go to, they are all cruel so I dont go to them often, but they worst is petland, not far behind is petsmart so I never go there. heres why and
    Please read my other post about dogs diets. They can help answer any questions as to why I choose raw, plus the sites mentioned above.

  2. Kate C *Attackofthebear* says:

    First, do some research and find the best food for your dog (I feed Abady, they have been making premium foods for 30 years with a great track record, and my dogs do great with their dry food)
    Next, support you local small businesses and go to you local pet shop to see if they carry what you are looking for. If not ask them to get it for you. Small stores cannot compete with the big ones on prices so they need to do it with service and knowledge of animals. Best of Luck

  3. Ron C says:

    Do you have a Pet Supplies “plus” around you? if not, just look into your normal nieghborhood store that isn’t a chain. Usually those stores carry holistic foods. I would try any from these :
    Eagle Pack Holistic Select.
    Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul
    Natures Variety
    Solid Gold
    Those are very good dog foods.

  4. Jennifer A says:


  5. Matthew H says:

    Get ALPO, my dog loves it, and it is good for him and if the fuel prices keep going up, I will be eating along side him.

  6. kenbgray says:

    Iams rocks!

  7. i am the real Miley Cyrus! says:

    Pets mart has a good variety of dog food to choose from. More than Petco. - Dogs