December 14, 2017

What Is The Best Dog Food To Feed My Baby Male Yorkie?

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I am going to pick up my Yorkie for the first time on Friday. I can’t wait to get him home, but I am also concerned on what type of food to give him. I want my puppy to be healthy and happy but I want hime to also find his food tasty..and not nasty like most healthy dog foods. The breeder I bought him from has been feeding him Beniful. But he dosen’t particularly like it. Any suggestions on a healthy tasty dog food for puppys?
What does your puppy eat and enjoy?
P.S. I also want to give him treats, I figured I would give him fruitloops as a special treat since yorkies are prone to low-blood sugar….is this a good idea? or should i find something else for him?
Any other information on how to keep my puppy healthy and happy is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Jo says:

    Please do not buy Iams, as they test on animals in completely inhumane ways.
    As far as snacks, try treats like DentaBone that reduces the plaque and tartar build up that cause gingivitis (you’ll probably find that your dog will develop some pretty bad breath with time heh)
    Also try homemade-type dog foods, which are healthier for your pup, and becoming more and more popular.

  2. Jo says:


  3. just the one says:

    A median priced food that was not on the recall lists with the melamine etc. is Nature’s Recipe which does not have corn, wheat, soy or artificial dyes. Also doesn’t have BHA or BHT and is readily available in large Pet Stores like PetSmart or PetCo. Most other brands sold there have been in multiple recalls for both dry and wet.
    Beneful wasn’t recalled, but it has lots of junk in it, allergy causing product. Avoid foods that list wheat, corn or soy in their ingredients.
    When you change food, do it gradually over a week and a half or so. Start feeding the old food (3/4) with 1/4 new food for a few days and if tolerated well, then give 1/2 old and 1/2 new- same progression then 3/4 new and 1/4 old then all new. You can add a few teaspoons of pumpkin pie filling to the food while changing over as it tends to settle a dogs stomach and prevent a reaction like diarrhea which happens sometimes when changing food.
    Royal Canin makes food for the breed and another food called “Baby Dog” but it had been heavily involved in recalls. Unfortunately, many many brands were manufactured at the same plant where common ingredients used in different brands contaminated food.
    I’d stay away from Natural Balance because they were also heavily involved in recalls and recently again had recalled canned foods, this time for botulism. See for details.
    Fruit Loops aren’t good for people or for dogs, but a few won’t kill him. There are many good treats that are healthy, or at least designed for dogs, to use instead.
    There is a doggie Ice Cream called “Frosty Paws” which many large grocery stores carry like Randall’s, Kroger’s, Super Target, etc. Call ahead to one in your area and ask if they have this in stock. It’s usually in the ice-cream section but is actually made for dogs. Comes in four cups to a box and dogs just LOVE this!
    Also there are freeze dried liver treats you can get from Pet Stores, and Yogurt Drops for dogs that are made in Germany.
    Avoid rawhides because dogs sometimes swallow big pieces they loosen and then get sick and some have formaldehyde in them and the white ones are sometimes soaked in bleach during their processing. BLECCH.
    But Nylabones (inedible kind) and Kongs make fun toys to exercise teeth and gums on.

  4. lilysky1 says:

    Beniful is not good.And either is anything with wheat glutton in it.That was a major recall that was killing dogs.And absolutely NO sugar foods,,that can cause diabetes in a dog & no salty food,,no chocolate,,no bones of any kind can splinter & cause internal fatal injuries & soup bones can wear down the teeth & cause dental problems,,no nitrate products such as baloney or hot dogs,,no onions,,no raisens,,no grapes,,no tomato sause,,no bread,,that turns into sugar.I recommend Pedigree dog food.Rice is ok (cooled only) with boneless boiled burger,,liver,,chicken or fish.Veggies such as peas or carrots cooked is a good home made diet with a doggie vitamin daily for puppies,,follow directions.Never give a dog people medication unless perscribed by a vet such as a buffered aspiran but according to pets weight only!No fried foods,,no spicy foods.Raw meat will give them parasites.I also now stay away from cannd dog food after the massive recall,,its really not good for the dog.If you ever want to e-mail me,,feel free to do so.zzhoundzz@yahoo
    I also dont like Nutro,,I was using that until the recall,,as with Iam’s& science diet,,No good.

  5. mrloverm says:

    I like Royal Canin small breed formula.
    I know you can get it at Petsmart, not sure where else.
    Royal Canin has a lot of research (human) and science in their diets and quality ingredients.
    My second choice would be Nutro natural choice, also the small breed formula.
    Any of the other premiums brands would be good choices as well. Science diet, eukanuba, Iams.

  6. zzHoUnDz says:

    I can’t imagine where you got the idea to give your Yorkie pup fruit loops for low blood sugar… It’s really important that you do your research on these small breed dogs as you can end up with some pretty huge vet bills playing things by ear. Low blood sugar is called hypoglycemia and you can avoid it by making sure that your puppy has several small meals per day. Other things that can cause low blood pressure are stress, cold, malnutrition and intestinal parasites. If you notice that your pup is lethargic or weak and appears ill, that may be due to low blood sugar and you want to have something on hand like Karo syrup that you can rub on the gums. Low blood sugar is serious and can kill your pup. Make sure to see a qualified vet to determine the cause of the condition if it ever happens. If the breeder already has the pup on Beniful, you should keep the dog on this product while you switch over to something else so as to avoid tummy upset and diarrhea. Diarrhea is a huge problem with small pups as they can dehydrate fast and you want to avoid that. There are plenty of good, premium, human grade dog foods out there. It’s good to avoid foods that have grains due to potential allergy problems. You might want to try a EVO made by Natura to keep your pup healthy. Most dogs love the taste as it’s very high protein with no grains at all.
    Good luck with your pup and do your research and become an expert so that you can give it the best life possible and pass on your good knowledge!

  7. Sooner says:

    Yorkie puppies dont really like food, Keep him on the same thing she the breeder has him on NO fruit loops his sugar will be high then crash sending him into a low….I would get all the info from her before I leave, Make sure the pup eats alittle bit all thru the day. NOT just one time. Hand feed if you have too Untill he gets about 2 lbs. then The theat is mostly over Keep ALL shots and de-worming up to date. Good Luck and Enjoy your baby puppy !

  8. Chi_Mom says:

    I am a firm believer of homemade diet for your dog. So many commercialized dog food has been recalled. I feel we should minimize risk by cooking for them. A good book about cookin for your puppy/dog. Dr Pitcairn’s book is good. My favourite dog health book.…

  9. dontknow says:

    Beneful is NOT a good food, it is full of corn, which is an allergen in canines, as well as other useless fillers and additives and unidentifiable protein sources.
    Look into a premium dog food with human grade ingredients and no grains. Some great examples are Canidae all life stages, Innova and Solid Gold. The price tag is a bit higher than a bag of store bought brands, but it is worth it. Because the ingredients in these foods are all high quality, usable ingredients, you feed them less (so the food lasts longer than the cheap food), they poop less (because the ingredients aren’t turned directly into waste), their coats are shinier, they are less prone to skin irritations and conditions and the overall health of your dog is increased.
    Many store bought brands of dog food, aside from the ingredient information revealed by recent recalls, have tested positive for pentobarbitol, the ingredient used to euthanize animals. These companies purchase and render protein sources from euthanized stock, including dogs, cats, cattle, chickens, etc.
    A great website to research dog foods is:
    To avoid hypoglycemia in toy puppies, use a teaspoon of corn syrup or sugar water instead of fruit loops.

  10. dogmom says:

    science diet

  11. mrsc says:

    I feed my little one Royal Canin, they make it specifically for particular breeds. You can usually get it from the local feed store, I get mine from Petsmart cause its a little cheaper than the feed store. Wanna keep him healthy…….NO fruit loops!

  12. tem says:

    chicken head and pig feet… - Dogs