December 16, 2017

What Is The Going Rate For In-home Dog Care?

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In canada…if that makes a difference :S
In-home, gets walked and brushed, not like a pound…..
going rate per day?
thanks ^_^

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  1. lucaslov says:

    i do pet sitting in the USA,Calif. to be exact. if i stay at the clients house with their pets over night i charge $30.00 a day and i furnish my own food ,this is what most of my clients have me do. i have a few clients that come to my home and i charge $15.00 a day for one dog and $5.00 each for any extra dogs. i have a client with five cats that i go to everyday to clean litter boxes and feed and that is $15.00 a day.

  2. family J says:

    i do that and i get 20 a day thats what most people charge - Dogs