December 16, 2017

What Is The Healthiest Dog Food To Give To My Rat Terrier?

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She is a year old, 18lbs and she has a very sensative stomach! she is not allowed any type of adult food or she’ll throw up and she can’t over eat or she’ll throw up…I can’t seem to find the best dog food either, it looks like she doesnt care for anything.
Can anyone recommend a dog food that is healthy and something that she will enjoy?

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  1. UrbanFan says:

    Try one of this in PUPPY variety, not adult, since you said she will be sick if she eats adult.
    Here are some of the best dog foods:
    Taste Of The Wild
    Solid Gold
    Blue Buffalo
    Nature’s Variety
    Stay away from these brands:
    Ol’ Roy
    Purina ONE
    Purina Pro Plan
    Purina Dog Chow
    Science Diet
    Royal Canin
    Store Brands
    Kibbles ‘n Bits
    Mighty Dog
    If you are on a VERY super tight budget, these are good foods:
    Chicken Soup For The Pet Lover’s Soulhttp://www.chickensoupforthepetloverssou…
    ***Vets will try to tell you to feed Purina, Iams, and Science Diet. But don’t feed them, they aren’t good for your dog. Vets tell you those lies because they are PAID to do so!!!! It’s sad, isn’t it?***
    Here is a website that rates dog food. Go to it and enter the food of your choice. You will want a 4, 5, or 6 star rating. If the food of your choice has a 1, 2, or 3 rating that means it is crappy food. The higher rating the better, the lower rating the worse.…
    Also, another great thing to feed is the raw diet. Raw is completely safe and healthy. It’s what I feed to my dog. Here are two great links about raw feeding, the healthiest thing for your dog.
    Well, good luck with your dog. I hope you find a healthy food that works good for him. Good luck!!! :)

  2. Mutt Dog Lover =) says:

    Every dog has a different taste in whether they like a food or not. I own a pet food store so i know a lot about what is good. If you are not too concerned about pricing i would go with canidae maybe? I don’t know what you have tried so i can’t really suggest anything. Canidae is a really good dog food although she could throw that up also but let me know what you have tried. It could be some certain ingredient in the food and if you can figure that out, i could give you a specific list of foods that she could probably eat.

  3. Mutt Dog Lover =) says:

    I don’t think there’s going to be ONE right answer for you. I’ve had a dog with a food allergy who wouldn’t TOUCH the prescription food from the vet but loves the cheap junk like Pedigree. Eventually I got to the point where I had to decide between having her look skinny and act like she was just dying or having her be itchy and on meds but at least she seemed happy. So she eats Pedigree, raw foods, and takes allergy medicine! On the other hand, my MIL has a dog with a sensitive stomach who will only eat a little dry Science Diet and raw foods.
    Regardless, my first suggestion is raw foods. If that’s not possible for you or doesn’t work, and you can afford the super-expensive food, try some of the brands that people here have suggested and don’t be afraid to experiment. There are a lot of different kinds of food out there that aren’t sold nationally or even in pet stores at all. Some times if you get ahold of somebody in your area who shows dogs, they’ll have tips for you. For example, there’s a lady in my area who makes her own dog food with various things like turkey, chicken, fish, eggs, rice, peas, green beans, carrots, garlic, etc. and people buy big jars of it from her. They all swear by it.
    Good luck!

  4. hodag_gi says:

    Human food???
    Does that include raw meat?
    Look into these: taste of the wild
    chicken soup for the dog lovers soul
    You can also look into a raw diet.

  5. Jennifer W. says:

    Wellness, Innova, Merrick, etc.
    This website rates all the pet food.
    Brands that are Not on this list:
    Those on the list doesn’t deserve a second chance, as you can’t recall a dog from the dead.
    Read the ingredient list, find one with the least fillers, no un-identified meat source, and no by-product.
    If you have the time you might want to make sure the food you give your dog do not contain these:…
    What your Vet. recommend you aren’t always good, as they get paid by that company. You have to decide for yourself. Again, read the ingredient list and the fine print, and don’t fall for their marketing.
    My Labrador/pitbull mix get Wellness Core for food, and wellbars for treat.

  6. Kate C *Attackofthebear* says:

    if u boil ground meet and rice its the simplest type of dog food. ppl usually use it 4 older dogs or dogs that are going 2 pass on soon cuz its easy 2 digest. most of the fat boils out of the meat that would say in it if u used a pan 2 brown it. make sure u boil the meat or the dog might get sick.

  7. hbei88 says:

    THere are many high quality foods out there that dogs will thrive on. It’s all about reading the ingredients. If you go to the site I created below, hopefully it can teach you and give you choices. :)

  8. countess says:

    Nutro is excellent dog food we started feeding our three dogs nutro 2 weeks ago and already there hair is shinier there losing weight and they are in LOVE with it. Good Luck!!!

  9. Christop says:

    You can try Blue Buffalo or Natural Balance which I prefer & have a dog also with sensitive stomach. Natural Balance comes in numerous varieties & some made for sensitive skin or stomachs.

  10. M¥§TË®¥ says:

    you can use Before Grain my dog has a sensitive stomach and that worked for him i feed him the buffalo and chicken kind.

  11. joanplus says:

    Something w/o corn or wheat;
    Solid Gold
    Eagle Pack
    Wellness (they make Simple Solutions, that only have a few ingredients so they are less likely to cause digestive upsets) My dogs who are prone to skin allergies have done well (no pun intended) on the Wellness Fish and Sweet Potato variety in the past.
    Any time you switch your dog’s food you need to transition them from one to the other or you will cause digestive problems; the Canidae website tells how to do this. (scroll down to below the feeding guidelines)
    As far as over-eating goes, YOU are in charge of how much goes in her bowl! Measure it (literally) if necessary. We currently feed Canidae; my 15-lb 10-yr-old dachshunds get 1/4 cup, twice a day; the 18# 3-yr-old gets 1/3 cup AM and PM…not a lot by human standards but they are all three trim and healthy.
    Canidae and Wellness are probably going to be the easiest to locate; they may seem to cost more but because there are no empty fillers you feed less so the price works out about the same, per serving. As a bonus less in = less out; not so much poop to scoop!

  12. Erika G says:

    The absolute best food to give any dog or cat is grain-free food. Do some research online about it. I put my dog and cat on it and it really does help. Stay away from science diet, eukanuba, purina etc.. They are the worst for chemicals, grains, preservatives etc.. I have mine on Natures Balance grain-free formula. They have 2 different flavors in grain-free and its a cheaper brand than the others. There is also Wellness food and a hand full of others. You can get them all at Petco. Use your Petco card and get the 10th bag free. That way you make up for the extra money spent on the better food.
    Dogs and cats are not made to digest grains. Its what causes allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, kidney, liver, and a whole host of other problems our pets can have. It improves the skin, coat, and odor. Makes it smell less when they go potty. Its really unbelievable the differences it makes.
    Try the canned variety in very small amounts since its easier to digest. To help transition her onto a new food you can make some ground beef boiled with about 1/3 brown rice. Boil it well and make sure its ground up well. You can make a large amount and store it in a container in your fridge until feeding time. Then just put some in a bowl and either let it come to room temp on its own or put it in the microwave for about 30 seconds and stir it well. This is what vets prescribe to pets with liver and kidney problems because its very easy to digest. Slowly begin to mix a small amount of the new food into this. Then start to decrease the amount of boiled hamburger and rice until she is only eating the new food. Then you can try to get her on some of the dry food by doing the same thing and mixing a small amount into the canned food etc… This may take some weeks but it will be worth it in the end. The Natures balance is best i think because its a Limited Ingredient formula. There are only 2 main ingredients and a couple natural ingredients that act as preservatives. They have one called green pea and duck formula for puppies and adult dogs. - Dogs