November 24, 2017

What Is The Price Of Year Round Dog Health Care?

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HEY I MIGT BE GETTING A DOG, BUT MY PARENTS ARE A LITTLE HARD….Ive been perswaiding them, mom told me to do some reserch about the yearly amount for health care and just care…If anyone here has a dog 1st what kind, and 2nd whats the care price about…..

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  1. Lauren C. says:

    If you get a puppy, the first year is rather pricy, due to all the vaccinations they require that first year. After that, they only need booster shots once a year, so the price gets better. What I would do, is call some of your local vets. Many will offer a “package” deal with a puppy for all it’s vaccinations, rabies shot and even spay or neutering. You could also check to see if you have a low cost clinic around you.

  2. buggsnme says:

    If you contact a vet, there are pet insurances available.
    I’m going to look into it cause I have two dogs and sometimes things happen and it gets expensive.

  3. Aunt Weway says:

    The average yearly cost to care for a dog is:
    about $1,350 yearly: or $110 a month. - Dogs