December 13, 2017

What Is Your Favorite Type Of Dog? Care To Share?

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I want to know your favorite type of dog? Care to Share?

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  1. C0NN3R ^_^ says:

    got to be a golden retriever loyal faithful love you for who who you are not what you are

  2. arniesmu says:

    A Super Friendly One

  3. animalsr says:

    my favorite is Jack Rusell Terriers because they never lose energy and are very fun to play with

  4. Dougy says:

    Redbone Hound ,Had one as a Kid,64 yr.old now I still like them.

  5. section hand says:

    I like Rhodesian Ridgebacks. For everyone who doesn’t know: The RR is from Africa where the Khoikhoi people used them for hunting and defense. Used for lion hunting, they have speed and agility to avoid the lions. They have a ridge of hair on their back that grows in the opposite direction of their fur. Mines on the internet if anyones interested just tell me in an answer.

  6. Darth Nihilus says:

    My favorite kind of dog temperament is a submissive one. They are the easiest kind to train and are willing to please. I like sporting dogs the best. They need more exercise to keep them happy but it keeps you in good shape too. How many people go for a 30 minute hike in blowing snow in 13 degrees weather. I’m 65 and my Gordon Setter makes me go out every day no matter what weather. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m not ready for a lap dog yet. : )

  7. clmh says:

    I love all breeds but my breed of choice is an American Pit Bull Terriers. I have 2.
    Why you ask? I’m sure your thinking to yourself how I could love these “killers” huh? Because despite rumors and non factual media portrayals they are very loving and kind animals. Those who believe different should check out – It lists the scores for all the different breeds tested for Temperament. My breed has a better passing rate that the beloved Golden Retrievers. They should also check out factual bite statistics and research this breed before making uneducated opinions :) Blame the Deed, Not the Breed!

  8. Mrs.Brea says:

    toy maltese!!!! i have one named Coco. he doesn’t shead, either!!!! TOO cute!

  9. silly girl says:

    Chinese Charpei Good Loyal And some get really big

  10. Shadow says:

    RAT TERRIERS RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. nika says:


  12. Penny says:

    boxer Dog

  13. Shelbi J says:

    My very favorite has always been the Irish Wolfhound, they are wonderful dogs although not known for their longevity because of their enourmous size. They are very sweet tempered, in fact the poor in Ireland during the potato famine would use the Wolfhound as k-nine “nannies” for their children because both parents would be out in the fields and there wasn’t money to pay someone to watch their children.
    My second favorite and the types of dogs I own are Dacshunds. They are tenacious, stubborn, friendly, playful and full of personallity as well as being very intelligent. You can house train a Doxie in about two days.

  14. Colleen O says:

    My favorite are pit bull. I have several of them and they are wonderful, despite what people say.

  15. ?chele? says:

    I love all large breed dogs with a short smooth coat, and i prefer a wrinkles or smushy face. But my absolute favorite dog breed is an American Pit Bull Terrier. I love them because they are such sweet dogs. They are loyal, playful, loving, and they have the energy to go on long walks, but still calm down when it is time to relax in the house. They are very misunderstood dogs. I work at a vet clinic, and I have never met the vicious beast a lot of people talk about. I have Only met friendly lovable pit bulls. I don’t have a dog yet, but I can’t wait to get my own pit bull.

  16. Stark says:

    Defintly labs–they are smart, great with everyone, all they want to do is play be loved to to give love, the are great animals, and so lovable. I dont know what I would do without my lab–I love her to death!!

  17. luvmylab says:

    I love Golden Retrievers and had the breed way before they became popular. They are friendly and affectionate, with few behavior problems. They are wonderful with children, and with all people actually..Only problem with them is that they are prone to Hip Dysplasia..congenital hip socket malformation. As are other large breeds.

  18. Eartha Q says:

    labs they let you do ANYTHING to them. and never bite.

  19. ****** * says:

    A Rotti ( German ) Love the dog and own one…They are the best. They look like a killer but are VERY friendly…Protect, and love you until the end…

  20. denise n says:

    mutts,,good dogs always want to be somebody else.

  21. jory says:

    The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They’re so good natured! And cute!

  22. Jenae73 says:

    American Bulldogs!!!! - Dogs