December 14, 2017

What Kind Of Dog Food Is Best For A Dog That Farts Alot? Anything Thats Helps His Digestion?

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I have a pit bull, and im not sure if its just the breed or my dog, he doesnt get fed people food. Ive tried a few dog food brands (pedigree dry and wet food and science diet) and he farts SO much. Hes an indoor dog so the farting is an issue when i have guests over for dinner. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. Hillbill says:

    Add a smidgeon of baking soda to the dog food every time you feed him. This will take care of the gas and also sooth the stomach.

  2. defto says:

    We`ve had English Bull Terriers for years and years . You don`t know what a dog that farts a LOT is until you`ve owned one ……….. LOL . Most Pit bulls have some Bull Terrier in them , so I imagine they can do a pretty good job of smelling up the house too .
    Unfortunately , nothing you do will eliminate the problem completely , short of supplying guests with respirators . Dry dog food will help to a certain extent . If you stay away from dog foods containing lamb it`ll help reduce the “toxic” odour .
    Good Luck !

  3. mywateri… says:

    Most likely your culprit is the food. Pedigree is one of the foods high on my list of foods I’d rather not feed. It is loaded with corn, other fillers, and junk. Science Diet is also loaded with corn (it’s the first or second ingredient in most of their foods). Most dogs do not digest corn very well at all. It makes them gassy. And many dogs are actually allergic or intolerant of corn. Soy and wheat are other common problem grains.
    Dog foods list their ingredients according to weight/volume (before processing)…so there is more of the first ingredient on the list than any of the other ingredients. Look for a food that lists a specified meat meal (lamb meal, chicken meal, salmon meal, etc) as the first ingredient. If a specified meat (chicken, lamb, etc) is the first ingredient, make sure that a specified meat meal is the second. This is because ingredients are listed by volume BEFORE processing. Since meat is largely water, most of that volume is actually lost during processing…so there will be far less meat than whatever the next ingredient on the list is. Try to avoid foods that list more than two grains in the first five or six ingredients. Grains are necessary in most dry dog foods because they act as a binder, but most dogs do not digest them very well. Avoid any food that lists corn of any kind anywhere in the first five or six ingredients (this eliminates most foods containing corn). Finally, avoid any food that lists salt, sugars (including fructose and sucrose), or artificial colorings ANYWHERE on the ingredients list. These ingredients do not serve any nutritional purpose and are there only to make the food seem more appealing to dogs (or in the case of colorings, their owners). If the food was made from quality ingredients to start with, they wouldn’t need to make it seem more appealing.

  4. jimbo894 says:

    Use Canidae, its good dog food! that won’t make ur doggie gassy!

  5. stanley beinfish says:

    READ YOUR LABELS any food that has a lot of by-products and useless grains like corn, wheat and soy will cause digestion problems pedigree and science diet are some of the worst in this area!!!! Think about it this way, the more veggies you eat the more gassy you are! that is what beano is made for. The key things to remember are less grains (no corn wheat or soy) high meats on the ingredients (first at the very least second) and DON”T OVER FEED! this is a problem too. that’s why fat people are more gassy. Another good way to think of it is that protein is made of nitrogen. Undigested protein turns onto ammonia which is the stinky part of urine. The less undigested protein, the less stink out the back end.
    My suggestions are Urban Wolf – a make at home diet
    or Holistique by Solid Gold- This is for dogs with digestive problems. It is Oatmeal and Fish a flavor dogs love!

  6. ainawgsd says:

    Well having over 30 Yrs experience with dogs and especially boxers(who fart alot)lol,you can do 2 things.First give your dog a fruit flovored yogurt.1 per day for at least a week.Second go to a dog store and get some charcoal dog bones and give him 1 for every ten pounds of body weight.There is one thing that you have to remember any time that you worm your dog you will have to repeat this process because the anti-boitics in the wormer will kill all the good bacteria in the dogs intestinal tract along with the bad, so you have to put the good back in.You should do the same thing in humans.

  7. jlee says:

    Try talking to your vet

  8. lizard S says:

    Stay away from wet food. Use Iams digestion. - Dogs