December 14, 2017

What Kind Of Dog Food Is Best To Feed My 7 Month Old Chihuahua?

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I have been hearing all this bad stuff about dog food brands that i thought were good for your dog ,iams,purina ol roy, kibbles n bits, ect…. if this food is bad for my dog , what should i be feeding her?

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  1. jen says:

    All those food that you named are not high quality foods that have meat by-products in them. I would go with a purer higher quality food such as Canidae or Innova. I asked the same question when i got my cat~ But whatever food you decide, make sure you check the ingredients..get foods with no by-products, no corn or wheat gluten meal. Hope this helped~

  2. lbite lMe says:

    If you can, please check out your local pet store for food, Royal Cannin for dogs. They may have some dry food, just for the breed of dog you have. I know it will be healthy for her. Take care.

  3. SAK says:

    I feed my chihuahua, pedigree for puppies

  4. OLA M says:

    I feed Purina One Puppy food and then Purina One Adult after 1 year old

  5. Kit_kat says:

    give your dog a variety of food including what you eat, also raw mince now and then. Make sure you give it a raw chicken wing to eat as they need this to prevent gum disease and bad breath (persist with the chicken wings)
    I also have chihuahua don’t let it win.

  6. marie c says:

    Merrick puppy food both wet and dry.
    Canidae is also good and I hear Timberline is good.
    Some day Science Diet is good others say it is bad.
    The trouble with the foods that you have mentioned is that the foods are made from euthanized animals so the chemicals that are used to kill the animals gets in your pet’s diet. Your pet builds up a gradual tolerance which makes them suffer that much more if you should have to euthanize them for any reason.
    It would be like you drinking water polluted by cows infected with pesticide or mad cow disease.

  7. Rivka S says:

    Personally, I’m feeding mine science diet but I’m looking into making my own dog foot. I currently make my cats a raw meat diet.
    If you have the time, making it would probably be more beneficial to your pup.

  8. KHAYOS-supprt HR1207!!!! says:

    I feed my 5 month old Chihuahua Royal Canine Mini Junior food. - Dogs