December 14, 2017

Whats The Best Dog Food I Can Find At The Supermarket?

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I have a 7 month old boxer and am about to change his food from puppy food to dog food. I’m interested in finding out what the best SUPERMARKET dog food is.
P.S. I said supermarket dog food, not some super organic food that just so happens to be for dogs, created by long haired organic hippies in california.

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  1. Jon T says:

    None, but that doesn’t mean you need to go for “super organic food” — just go to a feed store (Ranch Hand in our area) or small pet store and get some decent dry kibble with meat listed as the first ingredient, no corn meal junk.
    I feed mine Canidae Chicken and Rice, it’s very good – you simply go to the Canidae website, type in your zip code, and they give you the places it is sold in your neighborhood.

  2. rescue member says:

    According to an experienced specialist in animal nutrition, should be listed as at least 30 percent. Keep in mind that dogs utilize fat well and some nutrition specialists think that at least 18 percent is ideal.
    You can check this best dog food which my tom is using since last 2 yrs. >>>>…

  3. Patrick says:

    There is no good dog food at the supermarket. Therefore a best can’t be recommended to you. Essentially if you won’t want to buy the “California Hippie” dog food then you’ll be purchasing a low quality food that is nothing but filler and by-products.
    The bests food are Innova, Wellness, Taste of the Wild, so forth. Pretty much if you haven’t heard of it and it costs a little extra then it’s most like good.
    I’ve a blog that helps with things like this, check it out for more information:…

  4. Richard G says:

    There are no good supermarket brands.
    I feed Flint River but I have no idea if there are any long haired freaky people that work at the factory, nor would I care, its the best food for my dog.
    I have seen some pretty strange folks in the supermarkets.

  5. Rotten Rotts says:

    the best is iams
    if you consider target a supermarket. save mart might have it but the best dog food is iams that they sell at the supermarket if your willing to pay the Extra money

  6. b-rad says:

    Avoderm is good. Its avocado based, not to pricey, and great for your dog. It doesn’t have a lot of filler, and gives them a really nice coat.

  7. Warp says:

    I always used Purina dog food…
    don’t anymore cause my doggy has to have prescription dog food now cause she has very bad allergies that other dog foods don’t work with her :)

  8. geminigi says:

    If you’re buying at the supermarket, hit the meat section. Make sure you do your research on raw feeding.

  9. J&J381 says:

    you will not find it there
    save some money on non organic food now but wait a couple of months and your dog will feel like crap

  10. Stop animal abuse says:

    Eukanuba, Science Diet, or Iams. You don’t want to get him anything that’s high in filler, as it will lead to disgusting loose stool. It will make him lethargic, and borderline incontinent.
    Avoid Purina One. Check with your vet, but I’ve never had any trouble with Eukanuba. You may be pushing it on the conversion to adult food, though. Give him another few months, as you generally don’t want to convert them to adult food before they’re a year old. My boxer loves Eukanuba.

  11. Derpa derp derp says:

    Some grocery stores carry IAMS, else Purina One is pretty good.

  12. Jen again says:

    Kibbles and Bits
    How about the cans filled with meat? - Dogs