December 14, 2017

Whats The Difference Between Dog Treats And Regular Dog Food?

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More specifically, whats in dog treats thats so different from regular dog food, and makes dogs freak over their treats? Why isnt this just added to regular dog food to make it more appealing to dogs, not that it really matters?

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  1. Maxi says:

    Dog food has the nutritional requirements to be a full meal.
    Dog treats may contain ingredients that the dog doesn’t actually need or may contain extra salt or sugar or other additives.
    Finally, a bag of dog treats is a lot more expensive than dog food.
    All in all, dog treats should be just that – treats – whereas dog food can be given as regular meals.
    If you dog is being picky, that is because you are letting him. Pick a brand quality dog food that you are prepared to buy regularly and refuse to give him anything other than that. Put a bowl down twice a day and take it away again after half an hour. Give him no other food until the next meal. Sooner or late he will eat. Dogs won’t let themselves get too hungry. I suggest that once he has a regular eating pattern established you use the treats as a reward for finishing each meal and only give it once the bowl is empty. Give him treats at no other times, other than when you are training him.

  2. Voluntee says:

    Nothing is different in most, they are cheaply made, most are very high in fat content and have very high ‘flavourings’ in them…not really good food for dogs, but because they are different and are given as a treat they become high value to the dog………….if you fed a bowl of treats a day, they would lose that high value and they certainly wouldn’t give the nutrients required, make your dog fat and un healthy

  3. Julie - BYBs are scum! says:

    What’s in dog food is just vitamns, etc that are good for your dog. As where dog treats are pure treats. Its not healthy. It would be like eating ice cream or cake for a dog. Justthe ingrediants that they put in them make a dog love them.
    If you where to feed dog treats instead of dog food your dog would not get the right nutrition it needs and become either obeise or very malnurished.

  4. Coton & Aussie Girl says:

    I think it may be the fact that people make such a big deal over treats! I have worked with dogs before and just used their kibble as treats, it worked just the same.
    Plus, some companies put bad ingredients in their dodg treats that dogs love, but are bad for them!

  5. Flat Coats Rule! says:

    Dog food is a meal like rice, chicken and beef.
    Dog treats is a snack like chips, chocolate and ice-cream.
    If you add dog treats to dog food the dog will get fat.

  6. Carly says:

    the dog treats have special flavoring and it is something different then plain dog food - Dogs