December 14, 2017

Would I Be Able To Give A Dog The Care It Deserves?

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I would love to have a dog, but the only thing putting me off is that I live alone and am out at work all day 8.15 till 5.45, and I’m worried that it wouldn’t be good to leave a dog alone for that length of time as it might be lonely, Evenings and weekends are ok, as when I go out I would be able to take it with me, I’d love some opinons as I think it’s important to make sure if I have a dog I give it the best care and treatment.

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  1. pups says:

    I am a devoted pet owner, and would give nothing but the best care for my pup. I’ve researched the crate training theory, and found from professionals that is the best way to start out with a puppy. Dogs will adapt to their own environment, especial if it is enclosed to a space to their size. Eventually after they learn it is “their house”, you should be able to leave the crate door open, and they will go in on their own and lay on their bed. Keep a small amount of food and water in there while you are away, and their favorite toy too. Another interesting thing I’ve learned from a reputable trainer, is that dogs do not have a sense of time. You could leave at 8am, and return at 5pm, and they wouldn’t realize if you were gone 10 minutes or 10 hours. Another thing to know is that they will NOT go potty in their environment, so by leaving the small amount of food and water in the crate will allow them to eat or drink what they need, and be able to hold it until you return home. What I did, though was to have someone occasionally let her out to do her thing, because that was the one thing I did not want to do, let her hold it for any great length of time….. a trusting neighbor, or family member you could ask, if you know you will be gone for a longer time than usual. Good luck, get your pup…. love it, train it, there is nothing better than the bond between a pup and it’s owner. They are very loyal and bring a world of love into your world.

  2. LARGE MARGE says:

    You seem like a very thoughtful person who is considering the dog’s best interests. Good for you!
    I would not recommend a puppy…. they are too much work for someone with your schedule. They require a LOT of attention and training.
    You may consider adopting an older dog that has settled down and is housebroken. It will be less upfront work and you will probably just need to walk it, feed it and let it relieve itself before you leave for work. Then give it lots of attention and exercise when you get home! Depending on yur budget you could also look into doggie daycare or hiring a dog walker to walk your dog every day around noon.
    Also, some breeds do better alone than others. Try the following breed slectors to see what might fit in your lifestyle;
    Definitely do not get a puppy!

  3. anon says:

    Dogs do need company and that seems rather a long time to leave it on its own. Is there anyone nearby who could take it for a walk at lunchtime..or maybe you could get two as they could be company for each other

  4. susie x ??? says:

    I can tell you that if you can’t take the dog with you then forget it.
    I started off in a job where i could take the dog with me, then came the time that i couldn’t and we are back to a time when i can and now i have 3 elderly dogs

  5. Toni f says:

    I’m sorry love, but, unless you have a dog sitter, you will not be able to look after a dog. A dog simply can’t go that long without a pee, and, particularly in hot weather, his water bowl needs to be constantly refilled. Also, dogs need human company and hate being on their own.
    See if you can find a neighbour, whom you trust, to let him out or even walk him during the day and who will check that he has enough water. A dog will gi ve you unconditional love but you must do the same for him.

  6. Becks says:

    You could always have a dog sitter during the day

  7. Beau Brummell says:

    RSPCA advise a dog shouldnt be left indoors for more than 5 hrs a day unatended. It may be an idea if the dog is a puppie to train the dog to live in the back yard whilst you are at work.
    The question is why you want the dog. If you are having questions in your head now is it worth it. What about a cat. They go where they like and dont need looking after. they just need a good purr at night

  8. alismudg says:

    if you live in an apartment..then no
    if you live in a house, then yes..just provide a dog house in the back yard

  9. wolfwago says:

    I think it’s great that you want a dog…but your hours are a bit long to leave a dog alone…petsitters and dogwalkers can be expensive too. If I were you I would explore my options of other pets that don’t require as much attention. A bored dog can be a destructive dog. If I wanted a pet and had your hours, I would consider a cat or two. They can occupy wach other while you are gone, don’t need to be walked and still will be happy to see you when you get home!

  10. wendyn37 says:

    hi you sound like a caring person just make sure you find some one who can walk it for u during the day good luck

  11. WTamSP says:

    I think if you left the dog with a sitter, or a trainer during the day and picked it up in the evenings you would make an excellent pet owner.

  12. cArTeR says:

    That is a very long time to leave a dog everyday on its own. They need to be walked regularly, do you have anybody that can take it out for your during the day?
    If not then i would recommend not having one.

  13. richard_ says:

    We work all day too but my son is home by 3:00 to let the dog out. We send the dog to doggie day care for about $20.00 a day. She loves it and is not bored. So if you can afford that, it is one way to go. If you are gone a lot, the dog will be destructive if it gets bored.

  14. Love Life says:

    Well, as long as you’re free to give him/her the attention you lacked on the weekdays on the weekends then I guess it’s okay but leaving a dog alone for about nine hours is still pretty harsh. You should leave him with your neighbours while you’re gone so that he/she won’t feel so lonely or better yet, get 2 dogs!

  15. Xianpu says:

    I guess the question would be…do you work close enough to home that you would be able to go home at lunch time and let your puppy outside…and spend a little time with it? While most think it’s just aweful to leave a dog along for that long..truth is…dog doesn’t really care..they sleep and average of 16-20 hours a day anyway….only issue is…going potty, and eating……The real issue is routine….I have 2 dogs…and we are all gone all day also….if you can get up early enough in the morning, to maybe go for a walk, or spend a little time playing and eating breakfast, and going potty, then puppy would be fine for several hours….if you can go home at lunch..even if it’s just for 20 minutes or so….take puppy outside…play for a couple minutes, and eat lunch…..then back to the crate for the afternoon…..the quality of time that you spend with your puppy in the evening is FAR more important than it being crated all day….lots of love, attention, affection and exercise every evening would be just what the pup would need….also..consider the size of the breed your looking for….”toy” breeds have more trouble being crated for long periods of time…because their bladder is smaller….Maybe consider an adoption dog…one that’s already grown and past the puppy stage that requires soo much more time and attention…..Good luck in your decision….and you sound like you’d be a GREAT furkid mommy!

  16. Shelly B says:

    I would not get a pet unless somebody else is around in your home to be with it. Why have a dog when you have to CRATE it all day long? Makes no since to me, its a bit of cruelty to the animal. Dogs need room to run, and they DO like to be with somebody. Just like us, if we have nobody to talk to, or go some place we get very lonely.When you findyou have time for yourself, and not needed at a 40 plus hour job, then maybe think about something besides a dog or cat. Good luck with your decisions.“

  17. Moose says:

    It would depend upon the breed. My son has a toy fox terrier that is just fine with his work schedule.
    You might ask other single people with dogs how they handle it. Some are able to go home at the lunch hour to let the dog out and spend a little time with it. Possibly you might have a neighbor who might be willing to do this with your dog if you cannot come home.
    The breed we have (two of them) would absolutely die of depression if we left them alone too much on a regular basis.
    As a matter of fact, the breeders’ first question to us when we came to look at “our girls” when they were puppies was, “Do you both work?” If I hadn’t been retired, we wouldn’t have gotten the dog. (Good, caring breeder.)
    I don’t know what your living situation is, but if you have your own home, you could have a fenced in area in your yard and a doggy door. We had two Chinese Shar-pei years ago and handled them that way and they were just fine. We now have small toy dogs (4 1/2 lbs. and 8 lbs.) so this wouldn’t be a good solution for them.
    Larger dogs, as a rule, tend to do well as they can “hold” their business longer than most small breeds.
    It sounds like you’re a caring, responsible person to consider this aspect of being a dog owner. If you’re able to come up with a solution which includes the right breed of dog, be sure you do spend quality time with your friend when you are home.

  18. aquieter says:

    Would the dog have to be crated all day while you’re away?? If so, then I would not advise you to get a dog at this time, how would you like to live the majority of your life in a cage?? Crate training is a wonderful tool for house-training a dog, but a crate is no life for a dog, maybe a cockatiel would be a better pet for you at this time, they are really quite nice pets that do interact with their humans.

  19. dizzy says:

    First of all if you are determined to have a dog, I would recommend getting an older one (not a puppy who needs a lot of attention and has to be taken out to pee every 2 hours). Even a mature animal is going to have a problem with being unable to relieve itself for 9 hours. I know I can’t hold it that long during the day!
    Secondly I would suggest doggie daycare during the week; even a half day in the mornings would wear the dog out enough that you could run it home at lunch and it would sleep (in its crate) all afternoon.
    Otherwise you are going to have a bored dog and will be setting yourself up for all sorts of behavior issues, IMO.
    A cat might be better for your circumstances.

  20. Karen W says:

    Your situation is not the best but if you’re thinking of a shelter dog, you’d be giving him/her a chance at life. Better than the alternative.
    Your question shows that you are thinking about this the right way. If you haven’t already done so, you may want to start thinking about what the dog will do during the day when you’re at work. Day care, sofa, pet walker service or crate? Pet walker is a nice way to go in your situation. Also think of the cost of owning a pet: vet, food (you’ll need to do some research on food as most of what you find at your local grocery store doesn’t do much for the animals. Also, very important, Google “pet food recall”), and a minimum of accessories such as leash, collar, bowls, toys, etc
    Hope you can do it. Living with a pet is a great experience. But please visit your local shelter or, if you’re looking for a specific breed, a rescue group. They have plenty of dogs waiting for you’re love.
    If I can be of more help, don’t hesitate to post another question or contact me thru e-mail.

  21. walyank says:

    I’m getting rid of my dog for that very reason. We bought him last August when he was just 8 weeks old. At that time, I wasn’t working so he had lots of attention from myself and my children. Unfortunately, due to a relationship break down, I’ve had to work longer hours. Every day he either wees or poos in the kitchen, chews anything he can find, tips the bin over, bites my table and chairs and if the bathroom door is accidentally left open, he destroys everything in there too. I’d think long and hard about it as 10 months down the line your dog might be the same.

  22. Caveman's daughter says:

    i would love a dog too – but you know yourself its not a very good idea – to leave a dog alone all day is cruel and will only lead to behavioural problems and aggression, now thats not going to be nice for you either. If you want a pet why not get a rabbit instead – you can house train them and they sleep all day – so just seeing it on a night wont be a problem. Or a hamster, rats etc?? there are plenty of pets out there that would make a better alternative for you – good luck and good on you for not rushing in to get one

  23. Swan says:

    you could employ someone to take care of your dog when you are at work and it should a good person who love dogs and treat them well.

  24. kiran says:

    I would recommend getting one that is house broken if it is going to be alone that amount of time, but as long as you give it the attention it needs i it would be fine.

  25. Computer Tech Mike says:

    Go thru a resues that fosters dogs, you may have to try a couple, as some rescues will automatically turn you down, Some may say okay , if you can get someone to come over to let a dog out for a midday potty break.
    And others will match you with a dog they know is okay staying home all day, for example this adoption group has put together profites of what homes would be suitable for their dogs for example age of children if you had, whether is would do good with pets , whether it would be okay with a working family and whether okay as an only dog, It ould be nice to have this kind of detail on all rescue sites for each dog but rarely is the case…
    Any healthy medium or large size dog can hold it that long, most will just sleep while you are away, which secretes a hormone that allows the dog to hold it just like with you at night when you sleep. I work all day and am gone 9 hours and have 4 dogs and like you am single, I did add dogs so they would have companionship, particularily with Nikki once my son moved out as I knew she did not enjoy the long hours alone, but if you are thinking of possibly a second I would recommend getting one first allow it to settle in before adding anoher. and if possible take it along to help pick out its new friend

  26. OntarioG says:

    I’ve got 2 dogs now but started with only one. I work from 8-5 and there’s always commute time. When my puppies were under 4 months old I would go home at lunch and let them out to go to the bathroom, run around and love them a bit and then would run back to work. I did get my second puppy to play with the first because I knew that she wanted someone to rough house with and at 100 pounds it was killing us to wrestle with her all the time. Anyway now my dogs are 2 and 1 and they are at home from 7:15am to 4:15-5pm Mon-Fri in their separate crates. I do not feel bad about this, I do not think a sitter is needed, nor do I need some nosy neighbor in my home to let them out in the afternoon. I let them out when I get home. They are outside for about 30 minutes and then come in to eat drink and play with us. They are both very loving and do not suffer at all. They do not have any separation issues, or ANY behavior issues for that matter. They have each other and the 5 cats to entertain themselves during the day and they have 3 humans at night to love on them. As long as you are willing to spend quality time with your dog and make sure they get enough exercise for that breed, I do not see a problem with you getting a dog. I’d suggest getting an older dog from your local shelter. This way you do not have to house train, the dog will not need as much exercise, and will more than likely sleep though the day anyway. This would be good for your first dog. Good luck.
    PS don’t let these people keep you from getting a dog. These are the same freaks that would tell you that you should not have a kid if you plan on working because its cruel to the child. That’s just a bunch of bull. It’s not the amount of time you spend with your pet/child but its the quality of the time you spend.

  27. woman149 says:

    It is too long to leave a dog alone.. If you had someone that came to play with the dog, let them out etc.. It would be better but not the best.. You could think about day care, then he is interacting with people and other dogs and getting attention and exercise all day..

  28. DP says:

    Two wonderful optins are doggy daycare and pet sitters/ dog walkers. You will definitley want to get a dog that does not require tons of exercise, and medium size is a good way to go if you are not going to be home a lot.
    If you get a puppy, you should research breeds and breeders and find a good puppy kindergarten in your area. Aslo, get a male, less likely to get bladder infections.
    Check out the ultimate puppy took kit if you get a puppy. It is a life saver.
    A puppy is a lot of work, but so much fun. The commitment is a must, and so rewarding. Hope you have a great time, if you do get a puppy.
    ps. crate training is a must if you are not going to be home. It will save you and your puppy such frustration.

  29. willodrg says:

    With your time schedule you may not want to get a puppy. I have one and I stay at home all day. You do not have the time that a puppy needs.
    You could go to the Humane Society and find a good dog. They may even have one that is house broke already.
    I see that to be your main problem with not being home for so many hours.
    You might have to train the dog though to go on a puppy pad. Dogs can not hold themselves that many hours.
    A older dog can be trained faster and you will not have to go through all the different puppy stages. Chewing, crying,potty accidents, biting and so many more. Try to get a small- medium dog if you are living in a apartment.
    Just give your dog lots of love and attention and when you do arrive home you will have a friend waiting.
    Good Luck!!
    P.S. You can train the dog to use the puppy pads while you are gone and then when you are home you can take it outside. Is there anyone that lives around you that could take your dog out during the day?? The big cities have dog walkers.

  30. Snowhike says:

    First let me say that it’s great to see someone take a responsible attitude to dog ownership. So many people would have just gone with the first impulse without even considering the consequences that could have on the dog.
    A little maths: 8:15 till 5:45 = 9.5 hours. Plus travelling time, plus the occasional evening out at the pub, or with friends. Plus shopping and other necessary activities which are incompatible with dogs. How much time does that actually leave you to give the dog quality time? Many dogs cry or whine a lot when left alone, do you have neighbours who might be disturbed by this?
    I’d say that you’re probably not at the right moment in your life to take a dog on. It’s a lot more work than people imagine. Sorry if it’s not the answer you wanted to hear, but it’s the answer I’ve got to give. - Dogs